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Santa’s Coming Early For The Girls On the Naughty List This Year: Reserve your copy of Broken Dolls Now!


Broken Dolls by: Kitty Thomas
Official Release Date: December 23rd, 2014!
Pre-order Links, description, and book trailer below:

Everyone knows Santa visits the naughty girls first. Pre-order Broken Dolls now on sale for $2.99 only through release day, and Santa will deliver it two days early! While everybody else is baking cookies to entice the Jolly Fat Guy their way, you can already be reading. ;)

Pre-order Links: (other stores will become available for pre-order closer to release)

(Please check other Amazon country stores separately)

Kobo Books

Google Play

Pre-Order Venues where unfortunately the sale price is NOT in effect. (Price is $4.95 at these places):


Barnes and Noble


Broken Dolls Trailer:

Broken Dolls Description:

Mina Calloway always finds herself in the hands of the wrong master: Gentle at first, then brutally sadistic and abusive. She no longer believes it’s possible to find a man who will be gentle with her. After seeing a kink-friendly therapist for months, the doctor makes her an illicit offer she isn’t yet smart enough to refuse: “Let me find you a good master.”

Brian Sloan is a borderline sociopath with a dark and brutal past. Only taking his sadistic urges out on the women at a submissive training house allows him to sleep through the night. When Brian sees Mina, she should be ripe for the picking, but her damage is too similar to his own. Can he fight past his demons to protect the one person he considers worth saving?

New Pre-Order Venues: Barnes and Noble and Apple

Barnes and Noble and Apple are finally available for pre-order for Broken Dolls (Click here for the full list of pre-order links and book trailer, description, etc.)

Broken Dolls goes live December 23rd.

Barnes and Noble Pre-Order Link

Apple Pre-Order Link

New Pre-order Venue for Broken Dolls: Smashwords

Broken Dolls is available for pre-order at Smashwords now. (already at Google Play, Kobo, and Amazon for pre-order). It’s at full retail price because unfortunately the distribution set-up makes it impossible to switch prices in a timely manner which means I can’t just “end a sale on a specified date” using Smashwords. So unfortunately preorder at Smashwords, B&N, and Apple will be at regular retail price. There is nothing I can do about this without completely ruining the concept of a “limited time sale”. Apple and B&N pre-order coming soon.

Autographed Books For Christmas!

My print books are extremely nice and would make great Christmas gifts if you have a kitty fan among your family or friends or know someone who would love me if they read me. All my full-length books are available in hardcover, with Mafia Captive and Blood Mate additionally being available in trade paperback.

Here is where you can find my books (scroll down to the options where you see print available)

If you would like to give a “signed copy” of a nice hardcover or trade paperback to one of your friends or family (or as an Xmas gift to yourself… I won’t tell!), you can contact me here and let me know and I will send you a signed book plate to go inside the print book, personalized to the recipient of your choice. When I message you back, I will ask for some type of proof of purchase because I’m happy to mail these book plates out, but this is for people for Christmas presents.

At this time, I do not sell signed books directly from my site, however, the above retailers sell my books in print, and I can send you a signed/personalized book plate for the recipient to go inside the book.


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